Vinny Sagoo Lecture 25th Nov

Vinny has been a very popular lecturer for the society, and this is his 3rd lecture in 12 months! However, he always delivers and always has new, easy, and fun effects to show us.

Vinny has a habit of creating fascinating and varied plots and this was no exception. He started off with 3 Coin Monte, which is 3 cards with a coin printed on each card (2 pennies and a gold coin). The spectator is challenged to find the gold coin, but as with most monte effects, you demonstrate how easy it is for you (the performer) to cheat. However, you remove a penny card and give the spectator a 50/50 chance to find the gold coin, but no matter which one they choose, both cards are then shown to be blank! As a final kicker, you show which card had the gold coin, but it now has all 3 coins on it! It’s easy to carry around and a very easy reset.

Killer Poker is a fun story you tell, based around a game of poker. In order to win your taxi money home, you challenge a guy to a hand of poker. You need 5 playing cards but demonstrate how this guy was only able to count four cards. Not only that but he kept showing you number 5 cards, (5 of Clubs, 5 of Hearts…)! In the end, there ARE 5 cards in the hand, but when you turn them over they spell the word POKER!

For Intuition, we are taken back to the 1930’s, a Dr. Rhine and his ESP Test. You show how Dr. Rhine has predicted which ESP sign your spectator will choose and how it has also been written in the stars! The spectator makes all the decisions, but you are in complete control.

Everything about the next effect was very Odd. Even the amount of times Vinny said odd was pretty odd. He had one prediction, a set of five instructions, and seven cards. The spectator follows the instructions and makes their own decisions, however, no matter what they do, they will experience a royally odd climax.

For this, you have to use your Imagination, because the Deck of cards are blank. However, the spectator merely thinks of a card. They then deal some blank cards from the deck. Suddenly the thought of card appears! Did you imagine it? Possibly, because you look again and the card and the whole deck is blank again!

Vinny then showed us some ideas he’s been working on, like an impromptu routine using a pen and Post-it note pad, where you can tell who (out of 2-4 people) secretly wrote/drew, etc… which word, image, or number etc on a slip of Post-it note.

If you like a truth/lie and murder mystery-themed effect then Deception could be for you. The spectator plays the role of a witness who can lie or tell the truth to your questions. However, you have a lie detector built in the cards, and they will not only tell you if the witness is lying or telling the truth but will also find the murderer, the weapon used and the area they committed the murder!

Maybe you like a Tipple at Christmas and a bit of drinking fun? Then you’ll enjoy this one. The spectator thinks of a drink ranging from Vodka, Beer to White Wine. You then place picture cards of drinks, face down on the table and mix them up. You place a bottle top on each card, one at a time until the spectator says stop. They tell you their thought of drink, you then turn over the card and it matches their thought of drink! There’s also a surprising prediction in the bottle top! You can show all the cards have different drinks on them.

As with all of Vinny’s effects, they are all very well thought out, easy to do and lots of fun.

To finish Vinny happily answered any questions from the members and spoke about his Super Bundle Package offer you can find on his website:

However, he did ask us not to book him again until next year because he is rapidly running out of material to show us!