Vinny Sagoo Dealer Dem

Meeting 17th June 2020, Vinny Sagoo Dealer Dem, by Kevin Goodwin MMC

We had the pleasure of having Vinny Sagoo of Noe magic join us this evening for a Dealers Dem.

Vinny started off by telling us how he got into the business of creating and selling magic, which was only two years ago! His previous profession was as a lawyer, but after a serious car accident he decided to take a chance and pursue his boyhood dream of making a living from magic. The company name, Neo Magic, simply means New Magic and shouldn’t be confused with Neo Magnets!.


For his first effect, Vinny magically passed (over Zoom) John Needham a book called The Mist that contained over 60,000 words and 120 pages. He asked John to turn to any page and look at the 1st word several lines down on the page. He then told John the word he was thinking of.

This book test was produced to be easy to do, portable and affordable. He told us lots of examples how he has fooled a lot of respected magicians and the fantastic feedback he has received from magical users worldwide.

Next was an effect which consisted of a small Word Search puzzle on a PVC card and the spectator was asked to think of the first word they see. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts to divine the letters in the spectator’s word, the thought of word then disappeared completely from the puzzle only to appear on the other side of the card printed.

The cards are made to last and come with a lifetime guarantee!

Then we were shown an Ace and 3 blank cards, all facedown and with Blue backs. However, the Ace magically turned Face up, then the back then changed colour to Red, and if that wasn’t enough, the blank cards all turned into aces. This was performed as a gambling demonstration/monte type routine, but could lend itself to many different presentations.

For the penultimate effect Vinny told us he had a prediction in an envelope, which was put to one side but in full view of everyone. He said he has the four Kings and asked Jayne Osborn to choose either Red or Black. Jayne chose Red, which apparently is what everyone chooses and spread the cards to show the two Red cards face up. Jayne was then asked to choose the Heart or Diamond, the Heart was chosen. Vinny then showed us the back of the King of Hearts was a different colour to the other three, Yellow rather than Blue. The prediction put to one side at the beginning was shown to predict the colour Yellow. If Jayne had selected the Diamonds, it would not have worked, as that has a Green back, different from the Prediction. As a final kicker, the other two kings were turned over and had the words ‘Different Colour’ written on them!

Lastly, Vinny showed us a prototype effect he is working on which has a prediction in a Red Envelope. The envelope is used to select a card by placing it anywhere in a deck of cards and the card is noted. The deck is squared and a Snap-Shot is taken using the envelope and placed to one side. Vinny then showed us the selected card had disappeared from the deck, we were then directed to the prediction envelope.

The envelope had a picture of a camera and a picture of a small card turned face down. However, after a magical flick, the full-size selected card suddenly appeared in his hand and the small picture disappeared.

This was a nice idea and something that could be used in many different ways.

Vinny gave us a quick tour of his website and pointed out some great offers. 

We managed to record most of the meeting and will post it on the members Facebook Group as soon as we can.

It was nice to see members from other clubs join us tonight, and the feedback was very positive at the end of the night.

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