Wednesday 18th March & 1st April Postponed

It is with regret that Leamington and Warwick Magic Society have to announce that the next two meetings and lectures have been postponed and will be rearranged for a later date.

We will update you on any progress as and when it comes in.

Take care all! Be safe everyone!!

This Wednesday

Just an update on the unfolding events regarding the Corona Virus and this Wednesday’s meeting.

At the moment the meeting and Rajan’s lecture on Wednesday is going ahead.

However, if you suspect you may have any of the symptoms as outlined by the government guidelines, then please stay at home.

Anyway, here’s what we have to look forward to on Wednesday… Don’t forget your cup & ball along with some large coins, (quarter Dollar size ideal), so you can join in the fun and play along with the moves and sleights Rajan is going to teach you this Wednesday.

Rajan is a Gold Star Member of The Inner Magic Circle and a professional of almost 30 years. Rajan is honored to have privately entertained: HRH Prince of Wales, HM Sultan of Brunei (on a number of occasions), HM Queen Margarethe II of Denmark.

Not to mention the scores of film, tv and music ‘royalty’, like The Beckhams, Brad & Angelina, Clint Eastwood, Guns & Roses, Kate Moss, Jude Law, Gigi Hadid to name but a few! This a great opportunity to learn from one of the best. However, if you just want to come along, sit back and enjoy the lecture and not touch or do anything then you don’t have to bring anything.

Whatever you decide to do, you will still get a great deal of knowledge and skill from the one and only Rajan the Magic Man… Which we may have plenty of time to practice what we learn over the coming weeks or months…

Hope to see you there.


Angus Baskerville MMC

Well done to member Angus Baskerville who passed his exam to become a Member of The Magic Circle. Well 


Passing this exam is not easy and can be a rather daunting task.

You have to perform an 8-12 minute act showing magical and performance skill in front of the other magician members… Which often includes well known and house-hold names!

You are judged on your skill level, how well perform things like sleight of hand and your presentation skills.

It can take months, or even years of preparation for your exam, and even full-time working magicians often fail to pass. A great and very worthwhile achievement for any budding magician.

Rajan The Magic Man – Wednesday 18th March.

Don’t forget your cups & balls along with some large coins, (quarter Dollar size ideal), so you can join in the fun and play along with the moves and sleights Rajan is going to tech you.

This a great opportunity to learn from one of the best up close and personal.

However, if you just want to come along, sit back and enjoy the lecture you don’t have to bring anything.

Whatever you decide to do, you will still get a great deal of knowledge from the one and only Rajan the Magic Man.

£10 for non-members.

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However I am still getting used to how to use these as I’ve never really been into Social Media…

So hopefully there’s something for everyone, if you have any other suggestions please let me know.


4th March Kev G Lecture Report

We started off in our nice new venue, which if you didn’t know by now is The Leamington Rugby Football Club. However, we had to almost Rugby tackle the manager who was a little late as there was a bit of a dummy pass (see what I did there) in communication.

The evening kicked off with the usual parish notices and then Kev G took over proceedings with his lecture ‘Parameters’.

He started off with his marketed effect Recubed, which takes any object that are in pieces, (like lego, an unsolved Rubix cube, or a small model making kit), you then pour the pieces into a paper bag, give the bag a magical shake, (or whatever your preferred magical process is), you then pour the item out of the bag fully complete!

My first thought was… does it work for Ikea furniture! However, Kev mentioned the importance of good-looking props, especially when working Weddings or Corporate bookings etc… Which is why he made a very smart looking black bag for the prop. However, you can use an old brown paper bag if you want, if that is your style.

Next was a card effect called XXX. We were asked what the XXX’s could stand for and a variety of answers were given. After Kev gave the cards a shuffle, a spectator then dealt them into three random piles on the table, based on the value of the cards. He was instructed to think of a desire or fantasy while dealing, as this could influences how the cards are dealt.

We then got to the randomly selected card which was the only card in the pack to feature a very physically fit looking gentleman wearing a small pair of swimming trunks. This was obviously the spectator’s desire according to the cards! Kev did explain that he would only use this effect at appropriate bookings… I’ll leave that to your imagination.

Kev then asked for two volunteers who could have a close connection. Luke & his mum 

Sharon were chosen for the effect Connection. Luke was asked to pick a card and place it back into the deck, which was then mixed. Sharon then dealt the mixed deck onto the table, 

from the top, middle or bottom of the deck and stop whenever she wanted. They were asked to guess the number of cards Sharon dealt, which was 17… However, the top card was in fact Luke’s chosen card!

Kev showed us some very nice moves and principles to achieve this effect.

The final effect of the first half was Magigotchi. This is a mind reading electronic ‘friend’ or ‘pet’ that can tell you what card you chose and what favourite item you selected. If you like ‘easy to do’ effects then this is for you as the device does pretty much all the work!

It was then half-time with a generous buffet provided by Sharon.

Kev started the second half with his highly regarded effect Cube Cards. A spectator selects a card from a pack with lots of mixed-up Rubix cube pictures on them (apparently taken from the 2015 Brazilian world Rubix Cube Championship). Kev looks at this picture for a few seconds, picks up a solved Rubix cube and after another few seconds of twisting the cube, matches the chosen picture. He then gave the cube a shake which completely resolved the cube! He then showed us all the mixed cards that were also now solved!!

This is a lovely thought out routine that has a great building climax. A question was asked about the importance of being able to solve a Rubix cube. Kev said this was not required, but would be helpful if you wanted or could be bothered to learn it. It took him about 10 hours to learn how to solve a cube, which he can now do in about 45 seconds!

He suggested some places you can go to, to learn how to solve a Rubix cube.

Hello is an effect that derived from a card in pen effect, but Kev wanted to make more practical for close-up work. Two cards are randomly chosen, Kev then reads your mind and names the first card. The second card jumps out of the deck, about two feet into the air which Kev then catches, this is, of course, the second chosen card.

However, throughout all of this, Kev is wearing a name tag with his name on it ‘Kev G’, (as would be expected when working close-up). However, on the rear of the name tag is your chosen card! The chosen card could also be signed as a giveaway if you’re feeling that generous.

Another clever combination effect called Think Drink Effect is where a card is randomly selected, placed into a small envelope and left on a stand on the table in everyone’s view.

The spectator is then asked to think of a drink. After just a few questions, Kev then reads your mind to tell you what drink you were thinking of. He also tells you what table number you were seated at (the chosen card number) and where you had the drink! The last two revelations were confirmed by opening the envelope which confirmed the chosen card and the drinking establishment you also thought of.

There were some very strong mentalism ideas and principles in this effect that could also be used as stand-alone impromptu ideas and effects.

To finish Kev showed a spectator three cards, (two Jokers and a Queen with red backs), or so we thought. However, the Queen turned into a Blue back card, then as it was pulled out the pack it developed a hole in it which you could put your finger through. Having done that, the Queen turned into a unicorn of which your finger was its horn! Kev also suggested the finger could represent other parts of the body in the right circumstances. This was called Aperture.

All of Kev’s own marketed effects can be purchased from

The evening was rounded off with a vote of thanks by Steve Nixon who said Kev showed us moves he had never seen before and there was certainly something for everyone in this lecture.

See you next time.

New Venue!

Don’t forget we have a new venue at the next meeting which is Leamington Rugby Football Club, Kenilworth Rd, Blackdown, Leamington Spa, CV32 6RG. Please inform anyone you know who may not have internet or Facebook access etc…

Skilled magic creator and performer Kev G will be sharing his wisdom, knowledge and insight by showing us some of his favourite tricks, moves & magical ideas and inventions.

Also, for those of you that hasn’t paid yet, membership fees are now due, still currently £50… Cash in a brown envelope is acceptable.

Non-members pay £10

Keith Pearson Balloon Lecture

This was our very last society meeting at the Cubbington Social Club and so our next meeting will be at a shiny new venue in Leamington.

Keith started by showing us his highly honed skills by very quickly making a plethora of balloon models including a simple dog, a teddy bear, an apple, Pepper Pig, a cat, a ray gun, a snake, a sword and a very large gun! He did all this without looking at what he was doing and using entertaining patter and stories about working with the public.

He told us about the different types of balloon’s he uses and recommended the best places to get them, including pooling with wither people to buy in bulk for good quality balloons and sharing the cost for less frequent users and beginners.

He then made a small dog from a string of beads, which is great for close-up and restaurant magic, which he then demonstrated how to make.

Finally, he gave us an inflated balloon to make our own dog and went through each step slowly and clearly until everyone was satisfied with their creation. We then continued with the hands-on part of the evening and proceeded to make a sword.

After the break, as this was the last meeting at this venue, we cleared all the magical books and magazines from the club library. Everyone was invited to take as many books home with them as they wanted, and there certainly were some classics of magic to choose from.


Thanks to John Needham for the photos.

Keith Pearson Balloon Lecture

Next Wednesday we will be twisting the night away when our esteemed President Keith Pearson will be demonstrating everything you can do with a balloon in an interesting, informative and entertaining way.
Who knows, you may even go away with something you can be proud of, remember, a balloon dog is not just for Christmas it’s for a few days after you’ve made it.
£10 entry for non-members, unless you want to join then it’ll go towards your yearly membership.