Members Online Meeting 20th May 2020

Hello Everyone,

We had another online member’s meeting again on Wednesday and it was great to catch-up with everyone again.

Keith mentioned the sad passing of Arthur MacTier and said we will hold a Broken Wand ceremony the next time we can all meet at the club. We are still trying to find details of his family so we can send a sympathy card on behalf of the Society, so if anyone can help, please get in touch with Keith or Steve Nixon the Welfare Officer.

We also had a bit of members magic! Matthew ‘Spike’ Redmond started off by asking John 

Needham to think of any card, a total free choice. Matt then showed John 4 packs of 6 cards and asked John to let him know which pack his thought of card value and suit was in. Matt then used an ‘Ariel’ to help him mentally transmit John’s thought of card to him, of which Matt correctly guessed was the 2 of Hearts.

John Needham then asked Luke Jones to freely chose a card from the pack, remember it, which was then returned and lost in the pack. Luke was then asked to pick a number and 17 was chosen. John then counted to the 17th card in the pack which was Luke’s chosen card!

Lastly, we had a treat from mentalist Mike Price who wrote a prediction on a Post-it note and asked a member to name any card. Mike then showed us his prediction, which exactly matched the named card!

Everyone was invited to let us know how they were etc… and we briefly spoke about the online lecture we were invited to the night before. The meetings are very informal and it’s just a nice way to keep in touch with each other during Lockdown.

If you have any suggestions or ideas or, then please contact someone in the committee, so we can try to bring it to future meetings. Or if you would like to show us something then contact Keith and he will slot you in for the next meeting.

The next Members meeting will be on Wednesday 3rd June at 7pm. I will send out the details nearer the time.

Keep well everyone and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

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