Meet the Members… Luke Jones

Luke is the type of person that always leaves a smile on your face whenever you meet him, he is one of our friendliest members and always treats you as if you’re his best friend.

He has a real love of performing whether on or off stage and is always ready with a trick to show you. His close-up up skills are on a level with any professional and I’m sure it won’t be long before he’s making a very good living performing magic and doing what he loves best.


Q When & why did you first get interested in Magic?

I got into magic at the age of 15. Before magic, I actually wanted to be a train driver but as soon as I saw Penn and Teller on TV for the first time I wanted to do what they did.

Q What type of magician would you describe yourself as? 

I see myself as 2 characters. On stage, I perform comedy magic with audiences’ banter, but on the streets, I’m the typical street magician using cards, coins, money and mind-reading, with a hint of hustling for free food and drinks with barbets etc.

Q Who is your biggest inspiration in Magic?

My biggest inspiration in magic was Penn and Teller and Dynamo, but after watching other magicians throughout the years, there are many, and they all inspire me in different ways.

Q What was the first trick you learned?

The first trick I ever learnt was a simple card trick where I ask them to think of a card and then I read their minds and reveal it.

Q What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I’m working on a new comedy stage act, and I’m also working on different close up tricks to.

Q You’re always ready with a joke, how do you come up with them and remember them?

With my jokes it comes naturally, hard to explain it but some I see and put my own twist to it, sometimes I hear someone say something and I come up with a joke to that subject.

I practice by looking at a random object and I see if I can make any jokes from the object I picked. Hope that helps.

Q What do you enjoy most about performing magic?

I most enjoy the reactions I get, how people treat you and where magic can take you.

Q What do you most struggle with?

I do struggle at times. Sometimes I put on a show or performance and then after that I just go into a deeply depressing state of mind which brings me down.

Q What advice would you give to anyone thinking of learning or starting magic?

The advice I’d give any new member of magic is to find your type of magic. Find your character, then find which tricks suit your character. Don’t practice too many tricks at once and take your time learning. We all learn at our own pace.

Q What would you like to achieve in magic?

I’d love to achieve traveling around the world doing gigs. Or getting booked to perform in Italy on a yacht, or Spain.

Q Is there anything you don’t like about magic?

There are a few things I don’t like about magic. Too many magicians are way too political and think they know everything. And some are arrogant in nature.

Q What do you do when someone asks you to ‘do something’ when you’re not expecting it?

If I don’t have anything on me then I’ll find a leaf or borrow something and then do simple stuff and have a laugh.

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