Meet the Members… Kevin Goodwin

Kevin loves the challenge and motivation magic can bring and is always up for trying the impossible. He’s been performing since a young boy and is lucky enough to have a dream job as a professional musician. Kevin loves to perform magic that everyone can be involved in, so whether you are just choosing a card or thinking of some random words… you will always feel like you were part of and the star of the show.

Q. When did you first get interested in Magic?

A. I got my first Paul Daniel’s magic set at about the age of 10 for Christmas, and have always loved card tricks and how ‘sleight of hand’ worked. However, I only started to take magic a lot more seriously around 2015 when I had time to start working on the more difficult skills and spells.

Q. What type of performer would you say you are?

A. I like to think my character is likable, interesting, a little cheeky, and quite entertaining.

Q. Who is your biggest inspiration in Magic?

A. Derren Brown relighted my interest in all things psychological, which I have always been very interested in from a young age. The way he mixed psychology with magic is nothing short of genius.

Q. Can you remember the first trick you learned?

A. I knew a magician when I was around 16 who taught me some ‘proper’ tricks that included a popular prop you use on your thumb. However, the one I really liked and started performing to friends/family was a version of ‘Out of this World’.

Q. Are you working on anything at the moment?

A. I love the possibilities of the recent online magic medium. It is VERY hard to get right and a steep learning curve, but the things you can do, really is quite limitless. There are people who have grasped it with both hands and taken it to a whole other level, I just try to hold on to some coattails and have a bit of fun with it.

Q. What is your favourite genre of magic to perform?

A. Propless mentalism, because it can be very clean, impromptu and I love the challenge. However, unless you perform it all the time (which I don’t), you can easily lose it and forget the formulas. I also love card magic because it’s so accessible.

Q. Is there anything you don’t like about magic?

A. The great deal of low-quality magic that’s sold. They can ‘look’ great in the advertising and marketing, but can be disappointing in real life, almost unusable practically, and a waste of money. I’m sure every magician has a drawer full of items that looked great in the ad, but will never use.

Q. What do you like most about the magic community?

A. I love how willing magicians are to help each other. There’s a lot of support, help, and advice in the magic community, especially at a club level. I think it comes from the fact that every magician likes to see really good magic.

Q. What advice would you give yourself if you could go back to when you started?

A. Spend more time practicing and get a mentor!

Q. What is the most difficult thing you have tried to do in magic?

A. The memory work required for propless mentalism and learning scripts for performances. However, even though I hate doing it, I like the challenge and am always really glad I made the effort.

Q. What advice would you give to anyone thinking of learning or starting magic?

A. Learn the classics and basics but also try as many different things you possibly can. Get a broad knowledge of what is possible to try to find what is suitable for you.

Q. What is your favourite trick or routine to perform?

A. For stage and parlor I finish with a routine which includes ‘Summing Up’ by Marc Paul. I try to make the big finale relevant to some of the things already performed in the show.

For close-up sponge balls always seem to get the best reactions, but now (with hands-off social distancing, etc) a multi-effect card routine I have combined with Painting Cards by Mickael Chatelain.

Q. What do you do when someone asks you to ‘do something’ when you’re not expecting it?

A. I am very reluctant to perform unless prepared. However, if I have to, and have nothing on me, I’d do something that uses magician’s choice and a prediction. Otherwise, a card trick if I can borrow a deck of cards.

Q. What is the most memorable performance you have done?

A. As a magician, performing in the Theatre of The Magic Circle, London. A terrifying experience but very valuable. I have also performed in the Magic Circle cabaret room (Maskelyne Suite) a number of times, which is equally terrifying but rewarding.

Q. What would be your ‘Desert Island’ trick?

A. A deck of cards to practice my sleights, which could take me the rest of my life to perfect…

Q. Are there any other words of wisdom you’d like to leave with us?

A. We are living in very different and unusual times which many people have really struggled to cope with. It has also decimated most performers’ livelihoods who have probably spent their entire lives building up. However, in every challenging situation, there are always opportunities. The challenge is to try and be open to new ideas, risk making mistakes, learning new things, and getting out of your comfort zone. It’s never an easy thing to do, but always worthwhile in the end…

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