Angus Baskerville
Angus is a very talented mind reader but is also a highly skilled coin and card magician. Angus won both the 2018 and 2019 Leamington & Warwick Stage Competition and recently passed the (very difficult) exam to join The Magic Circle.

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Sergio Canales
Sergio is the current winner of the Leamington & Warwick Magic Society Close-up Competition. He has a fun style of performing and doesn’t take himself too seriously. However, don’t let that fool you, he has some very strong magical skills up his sleeve and will amaze you with some powerful magic once you have stopped laughing at his jokes.

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David Michaels
David Michaels is a fast-paced, international comedy entertainer and professional magician. He is highly respected by other magicians and the public alike and brings his high energy, razor-sharp wit to every performance. David is highly skilled and is a mentor and teacher to many aspiring magicians.

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Mick McCreath
Mick joined the Leamington & Warwick Magic Society around 2003/04, after touring worldwide with a Circus company since the early 1990’s. He quickly became involved in all areas of the Society becoming Vice President and President on numerous occasions. Mick brought his business acumen and innovative ideas to help the Society move forward. Mick loves to help, encourage, and support aspiring magicians and encourages everyone to get valuable performance experience at many of the Charity Events he runs.

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Luke Jones
Luke is the type of person that always leaves a smile on your face whenever you meet him, he is one of our friendliest members and always treats you as if you’re his best friend.
He has a real love of performing whether on or off stage and is always ready with a trick to show you. His close-up up skills are on a level with any professional and I’m sure it won’t be long before he’s making a very good living performing magic and doing what he loves best.

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John Needham 
John is a true gentleman entertainer and always has a twinkle in his eyes when performing. John has built up a wealth of magical and entertainment knowledge over the years and is always there to offer sage advice and wisdom. John is a former Blue Coat at Pontins Holiday Camps and more recently an Art Teacher. Now retired, John enjoys his leisure time painting on canvas, honing his magical skills and organising the lectures and diary for the Society.

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Stephen Fowler
Stephen has a great love of magic and probably has the biggest private collection of magic effects in the Midlands! He is always very keen to help and contribute to the Society in any way he can and is very passionate about certain aspects of magic. Stephen certainly has his own unique style of performing and always leaves you with a smile on your face.

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Kev G
Kev G is not only a great performer but is also a creator and inventor of magic tricks and routines much loved by the magic community. Kev is a real thinking mans’ magician and whether he is reading your mind, solving a Rubix Cube in 2 seconds, or showing you some amazing sleight of hand, you will be left with the feeling of being in the presence of a real-life professor of wizardry.

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Matthew Redmond
Matt has been a professional performer and magician since 1991 and still has a very deep love for magic. He has a very lovable ‘family entertainer’ style of performing and will hit you with a barrage of jokes before wowing you with his magic. However, it is very safe to say, he is certainly NOT Houdini.

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Dean Brindley
Dean is a fantastic close-up card magician who takes his craft very seriously. He has a very laid-back approach to his performing style, but like a praying mantis hypnotising its pray, he will unexpectedly fry you with his amazing sleight of hand and skills. Like most members, he is a very keen hobbyist, but would also very easily work shoulder to shoulder with any professional.

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Frank Allan
Frank is a leading British performer of Bizarre Magick. He became interested in the occult from the age of 15. After 2 or 3 years of sifting out the good from a terrific amount of rubbish that has been written on all the various subjects that fall into the category of the occult, he started to read tarot and became interested in Witchcraft as the old Pagan faith.

He became interested in Magic (that’s the magical entertainment that we all know and love) with cards, coins and sponge balls, at the age of 20 when he first met Bernard Anderson.

He spent the next twenty years earning a reputation as a good professional close-up worker, cabaret artist and restaurant entertainer. During that time he won many magical competitions and received many magical awards.

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Kevin Goodwin
Kevin loves the challenge and motivation magic can bring and is always up for trying the impossible. He’s been performing since a young boy and is lucky enough to have a dream job as a professional musician. Kevin loves to perform magic that everyone can be involved in, so whether you are just choosing a card or thinking of some random words… you will always feel like you were part of and the star of the show.

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