LAWMS Club Zoom Meeting: 2-9-20 by Stephen Fowler

Hi all,

Several of us connected online for another Zoom meeting, this time hosted by John Needham, of general discussion about LAWMS matters, a catch up and meet up online, some showing of tricks and us talking about some very major things that have happened.


Mike Price updated us about the Leamington St. Patricks Club, our potential new venue, and that they are having their air-conditioning done. It was mentioned that this will be our first non-online meeting remembering several of our members who have recently sadly passed away.


We talked about when we were thinking of resuming non-online meetings in our new venue, maybe say 2-3 weeks. We are thinking of perhaps late this month / early next month.


The general consensus is that many members in this meeting are willing to resume non-online meetings sometime soon, with safety precautions of us wearing masks and maintaining Social Distancing.


Not all members are prepared to attend non-online meetings for the current time, due to the potential risks and uncertainty, which is totally understandable.


We also talked about this new venue itself. It was asked if anyone had any thoughts and if any of us had looked at this venue’s website. The feedback was largely very positive.  


This venue is also ideal for socialising before and after LAWMS events: it looks good.


Matt Redmond mentioned about parking: and will we have enough parking space. It sounds like there is quite a bit, though not loads, of parking space with the actual venue, and also some in the surrounding area.


Sergio remembers this building as being a big venue.


We went onto what content we might have in our new venue in the near future. John N. has a list of all the lecturers we would have had and would have if this Pandemic had not happened. He said he has contacted with them all, and all of them think of their LAWMS booking as postponed, until we can have them, rather than cancelled.


It was mentioned that booking external lecturers in this current Pandemic is problematic. Even if they and several members are willing to travel to our venue, travel restrictions can come and go; and policies can and sometimes change.


At least until this Christmas, most LAWMS events are planned to be In House. There could be possibilities of some LAWMS members doing something, so perhaps two members doing half an evening each. Both John Gordon and Alan Cooper might do something, perhaps half of a LAWMS evening each.


There are also LAWMS competitions including the Close-up and Stage Competitions. And also our “Fool Us” event, where Alan might be a judge as before. For competitions, we will need audience members like members’ friends and family for tricks involving audience participation, [unless only LAWMS members not competing act as audience helpers], [or competitors are limited to tricks that do not require audience participation if we have to proceed just with LAWMS members attending LAWMS Competitions in the near future].


We talked about our club’s Broken Wand ceremonies and as a relatively new LAWMS member myself, who has never attended a LAWMS Broken Wand ceremony yet, I asked about them. Other members explained that there is an actual wand broken for each member that has passed away. Earlier this year, David Budd and Arthur MacTier also passed away and of course very recently Keith Pearson also passed away.


John N. has asked members for any ideas and suggestions for LAWMS events e.g. Club Nights, and if they can mention to him, say for example by email-ing him is fine.


Mike mentioned having a video / DVD night on Bernard Anderson.


Luke mentioned having a book / DVD / trick review night, say on a trick we have done.


It was also mentioned that the LAWMS reserves are currently fairly good.


There is agreement that current President Elect Mike will act as Acting Leader of meetings the same as if and when Keith was absent from any meetings. Mike will begin as President at the next LAWMS AGM. There is no official “re-shuffle” of roles as such, until then. It was agreed this is the respectful correct course of action, and also with this current Pandemic, our LAWMS club does not need anyone to act as a Figure-Head until Mike begins his time as LAWMS President at our next AGM.


We talked about David Blaine’s recent stunt, of ascending with balloons. We spoke about him going from Street Magic to events that are sometimes Endurance Stunts.


In this meeting we also chatted about how we all are and what we have been up to. Liam came into this meeting briefly, when he could, to say hello also.


Philip talked about him going to Theme Parks; and about tricks involving eggs.


Luke Jones performed a very funny disappearing and reappearing trick.


I performed and explained 53 Movies by Mark Shortland, where a random movie is chosen and thought of and I tell you what movie you were thinking of.


John N. performed and explained a card trick from a DVD from Steve Dacri. John removed the jokers and taps a card, whose back changes colour from blue to red. Each card has the name of a famous place on it. After another spectator selection of a place, John tapped three times and the whole deck changes to red-backs except for one card (which is the selected place).


Charlie enquired about our new venue and where exactly it is. Kevin Goodwin will probably soon add the postcode to Facebook and LAWMS website.


We talked about Sympathy Messages for Keith’s family. We can pass on our messages of Condolences to Mike for him to put all together or in our own individual Sympathy Cards or more simply to post up on Facebook our messages in response to Notifications from Mick and Mike of the recent sad passing of Keith.


Generally it was talked about to keep messages short and simple. Keith’s funeral might not have had a date scheduled at the time of this meeting, though attendance numbers will likely be limited by this Pandemic to family and only a few LAWMS members (perhaps who knew him for a longer time).


We think our next meeting will be online again, two weeks after this Zoom meeting, on Wednesday 16th September, start time TBA.


Take care everyone, see some of you soon online and at our new venue, and keep staying safe,

Stephen Fowler