Keith Pearson Balloon Lecture

This was our very last society meeting at the Cubbington Social Club and so our next meeting will be at a shiny new venue in Leamington.

Keith started by showing us his highly honed skills by very quickly making a plethora of balloon models including a simple dog, a teddy bear, an apple, Pepper Pig, a cat, a ray gun, a snake, a sword and a very large gun! He did all this without looking at what he was doing and using entertaining patter and stories about working with the public.

He told us about the different types of balloon’s he uses and recommended the best places to get them, including pooling with wither people to buy in bulk for good quality balloons and sharing the cost for less frequent users and beginners.

He then made a small dog from a string of beads, which is great for close-up and restaurant magic, which he then demonstrated how to make.

Finally, he gave us an inflated balloon to make our own dog and went through each step slowly and clearly until everyone was satisfied with their creation. We then continued with the hands-on part of the evening and proceeded to make a sword.

After the break, as this was the last meeting at this venue, we cleared all the magical books and magazines from the club library. Everyone was invited to take as many books home with them as they wanted, and there certainly were some classics of magic to choose from.


Thanks to John Needham for the photos.

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