A Magical way to raise funds for your School

The Leamington and Warwick Magic Society have an entertaining and magical way for schools or organisations to raise useful additional funds.

The Society is made up of professional, semi-profession, amateur magicians and Junior members.

The magicians offer their time free of charge, claiming no expenses and for many members, this is their full- time job.

We promote these events so we can invest in the training and development of our members. This, in turn, leads to better quality acts being available for events in the area.

School 50/50 Shows

At this kind of event, you sell tickets for a school magic show (for parents and children) and we bring along several performers to put on a show for 2 hours with a break in the middle for you to sell raffle tickets, sell food, etc.

There are no up-front fees and all we ask is it to be organised on a 50/50 basis, that is half the ticket entrance price is paid to the society and half to you. We do request the minimum contribution to the society is £175.00.

Adults Dinners and Fund Raisers

We can also offer close-up table magic around tables at dinners and events.

Pricing for these events will vary depending on the number and type of acts required but will be very good value compared to the normal market rate.

We normally offer Monday to Thursday nights for these events because most of our members perform at weekends; we are also unable to provide events at key times of the year for the same reason e.g. Easter, Bonfire night and Christmas, etc.