A Magical way to raise funds for your organization or school.


The Leamington and Warwick Magic Society would like to offer to you an opportunity to raise funds for your school or organization through an evening of magical entertainment.

The Society is made up of professionals, semi professionals and amateur magicians with a wide range of expertise.

The magicians, on behalf of the Society, offer their time free of charge for these events, claiming no personal expenses and remember for some this is their full time job. The money that you make will go to your organization or charity while the money that we make will go into our society funds which are then used to develop our skills through our Society programme of lectures.

We can provide an evening of magical entertainment with a number of different acts. This normally runs for two hours with a break to enable you to sell refreshments, raffle tickets etc. We can also offer close up magicians who will entertain around the tables as well as stage/platform magic.

It gives you a novel and magical way to raise funds.


This is how it works.

You will host the evening with our support and sell tickets while the society puts on the entertainment in the form of a stage show and/or close up magic.

The money taken through ticket sales will be split on a 50/50 basis. That is half the ticket entrance price is paid to the society with a minimum cut to the society of £180.

For example- if the ticket sales taken were £400 you would retain £200 plus all other raised funds from food, drink and raffle tickets etc. The society retains £200 (the minimum fee is exceeded so in this instance becomes void).


We normally offer a Thursday or Friday evening for these events because many of our members work during the weekends. At key times of the year eg Easter, Bonfire night and Christmas etc, you should expect limited availability since many of our magicians will normally be very busy at these times. Please contact us and discuss your event and check availability even if it does fall within our traditional busy times.


If you are interested in hosting one of these events please contact the President or Vice President at the first instance to discuss your event. You can see these contacts on our website under contacts.