David Jonathan Lecture – Creating Magic and Ideas

We had a great lecture from New Yoker creator, inventor and worker David Jonathan last night. David has calibrated with the greats like Dan Harlan and the thinking behind his effects and ideas certainly shows he has a very deep knowledge of his craft.

There was a good variety of effects, very creative ideas, and, something really good that can be done with that Rainbow Deck…. There were also some great tips for using a roughing stick.

There was also some re-thinking of some classic principles like the sandwich effect using split indices.

David started with a random card selected, placed back in the deck, and put into the card box. A rubber band was then placed around the box. With just a snap of the fingers, the rubber band melts through the box and finds the selected by wrapping itself around the card! Everything is fully examinable.

We were then shown a rainbow deck with a variety of patterns and colours on the backs and an envelope with a prediction inside. Using two dice, a coloured card was selected from the pack. Mike, (the participant) could choose to change the numbers on the dice and decide to count from the top or bottom of the pack. Two cards were selected in this way, one for a card value and one for the colour of the back of the card, both from the rainbow deck. The two of Diamonds was selected along with a green patterned card, we were then shown the prediction, which was a perfect match.

A red card box was shown with a circle written on the back. David selected Kev G to help, wrote a prediction in the circle on the box, and asked Kev to randomly choose a card from the pack. The two of Clubs was chosen, the box was turned over displaying the 2 of Clubs correctly predicted!

David told us he was going to do something with the two Black Kings which were shown to be separated in random parts in the deck. A card was randomly selected, placed back into the deck, and shuffled a number of times until the spectator was satisfied. The cards were then spread on the table only to find the two Black Kings sandwiched between the spectators selected card.

Creating an Effect…

David then talked us through his thinking and philosophy of creating and inventing magical ideas. Some ideas included gaining as much magical knowledge as possible and likened creating effects a bit like solving a puzzle. As an example, David talked us through his thinking of trying to create an original card to box effect.

Next, David performed his favorite effect using numbered and coloured Uno cards. The colour Blue was chosen from a choice of Blue, Green, Yellow or Red. An envelope was shown which had a prediction inside. The Uno cards were shuffled a number of times, and the first three blue cards were selected from the pack.

The numbers on the cards were added up which matched the prediction inside the envelope. However, as a kicker, the other side of the same prediction was the words ‘You will choose the colour Blue’ and the actual numbers chosen!

We were shown a pack of picture cards all with different drawings on them. A prediction was put to one side. Choosing cards from different areas of the pack, John Needham chose three different cards, an elephant, an umbrella, and an apple. The prediction was shown to have an Elephant holding an umbrella standing next to an apple!

Lastly, we were shown a deck with a whole load of random photos on them. The book, George Orwell’s 1984 was shown and a load of the cards were selected to place inside random areas in the book. The cards were then randomly taken out leaving just one card on one page of the book. The spectator was then asked to read a line from the book and think of something.

William, the spectator thought of an Airplane. The selected photo card was then shown to have a picture of an airplane! Not only that but the other cards that were chosen earlier somehow spelled the word airplane with the shapes of their pictures! This was certainly an effect that could be used for a whole load of ideas.

David finished by offering us some of his products at very tempting discounted prices and happily answered any questions anyone had.

Thanks to David Jonathan and everyone who attended the lecture to make it a very enjoyable evening.