Committee Jobs & Roles

  • President

Oversees events and figurehead of the club. Liaise with the committee as an elected body to keep the smooth running of the club. Will be responsible for public relations. The President will normally be elected from the existing committee at the AGM.

  • Vice President (President-elect)

Supports and stands in for the President when required.

  • Publicity Officer

This officer will promote the Society to the public. This can include promoting events and advertising in various media. Is responsible for liaising with the media regarding advertising and promotion of the club with approval from the President.

  • Secretary 

The secretary shall attend most meetings and record all secretarial business of the club including AGM minutes. If the secretary cannot attend a meeting then he or she should arrange for another member of the committee to stand-in. A list of members should be kept with full name, email, phone number. Solely responsible for all internet publications except the club’s website- see Webmaster.

  • Webmaster

The webmaster will keep the webpage up to date and control the content of the club website adding and amending as required. This should be as instructed and approved by the committee.

  • Treasurer

The Treasurer shall keep a record of all monies paid into the club together with all disbursements. The treasurer should work closely with the Lecture Organiser and take responsibility to ensure that money is made available to pay for lecture costs on the evening or prior to the evening.

No payments must be made or agreed by any member on behalf of the club without prior approval of the Treasurer. The treasurer should make accounts available at the AGM

  • Show Director

Organise Society based public shows including charity events.

  • Lecture Organiser

Liaise with club members regarding lecture ideas.

Will be responsible for planning and organising the programme of events and playing host to all visiting lecturers. All costs must be approved by the treasurer prior to the date of the lecture.

  • Welfare Officer

This officer should keep in contact with members and absent members and inquire into their wellbeing as necessary- particularly if any member has been absent for two meetings.

  • Junior Officer

This officer should promote the magical arts with junior members with a view to those junior members become full members.

  • 50/50 Organiser

Filters any requests for such events. Then presents them to the committee for discussion

  • Club Host.

Will act as compere to all events that are public