1st Members Meeting

We had our first members meeting yesterday since Lockdown, and it was great to see everyone that attended.

Keith took the chair and kept everything in order and brought everyone up to date of the recent committee meeting decisions.

Everyone was also given an opportunity to contribute and share their ideas of how we can move forward as a Society during the lockdown.

The recent decisions by the committee are as follows:

  • Keith to continue his Presidential roll into 2021
  • Membership fees already paid will now be for 2021.
  • Fees not yet paid can be paid in January 2021 (Latest 1st Feb 2021) which will count for the 2021 membership. So, in effect 2020, will be a free year for all current paid-up members.

The committee is meeting again next Wednesday to decide on a few suggestions that were raised during the meeting. The next Members’ meeting will be in two weeks, Wednesday 20th May.

Keep safe everyone and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

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